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Q: I want my presents this year to be healthy, do you have any suggestions for gifts that are good for your oral health?

A: The holidays are upon us. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to get your loved ones, we’ve made a list of some of.. Read More →

Q: What happens if I don’t get a missing tooth replaced?

A: There are a few ways you can lose a tooth: through an accident, tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth replacement means more dental work... Read More →

Q: What are the white things on my tonsils? I don’t feel sick.

A: If you see white objects on your tonsils, you may have tonsil stones (tonsiliths). Tonsil stones are calcium deposits that build up in the.. Read More →

Q: Why do I have to get x-rays at the dentist?

A: Dental x-rays help your dentist see the hard-to-reach places around your teeth and make sure they’re healthy. X-rays use low levels of radiation to.. Read More →

Q: Why are my teeth so sensitive?

A: Having sensitive teeth can make an enjoyable activity a lot less fun. Going out to eat with family and friends can become a chore,.. Read More →

Q: How much candy is too much for my teeth?

A: Most of us know that eating too much candy is bad for our teeth. But, it’s Halloween, and we might go a little wild... Read More →

Q: How does biting my nails affect my teeth?

A: It can be difficult to stop biting your nails, but you should for the sake of your teeth. It is a habit that is.. Read More →

Q: Why does my breath always smell bad?

A: No one wants to have bad breath, but sometimes it happens. Bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by an assortment of reasons, including: Having.. Read More →

Q: Can the medications I’m taking affect my teeth and gums?

A: All medications have their own side effects that can impact your oral health. It is important to talk to your doctor, dentist and pharmacist.. Read More →

Q: Do I need to have anesthesia for my dental procedures?

A: A general checkup and cleaning does not require any sort of anesthesia. Anesthesia is used to prevent pain and discomfort. Using it depends on.. Read More →

Q: Do I still have to visit the dentist if I have dentures?

A: No matter what, you should get dental checkups every year if you want to maintain good dental health.  Your dentist will deep clean your.. Read More →

Q: Will chemotherapy affect my teeth?

A: The purpose of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells, but it also kills some of your normal cells in the process. These cells are.. Read More →

Q: Does diabetes affect my dental health?

A: High blood glucose or blood sugar puts you at risk for mouth infections, tooth decay and cavities. This is because your saliva contains blood.. Read More →

Q: Will vaping ruin my teeth?

A: It’s too soon to say how e-cigarettes (also known as vapes, mods, tanks or JUULs) affect your health long term. E-cigarettes may not stain.. Read More →

Q: How much do dental implants cost?

A: The cost of dental implants varies depending on where you live, what your dental needs are and what’s covered in your insurance plan. On.. Read More →

Q: My baby has connective tissue between their tongue and jaw that’s preventing tongue movement. What’s going on?

A: Your baby may have tongue-tie or ankyloglossia. When a baby has tongue-tie, the connective tissue between the base of the tongue and the lower.. Read More →

Q: I have dental pain after visiting the dentist. Is that normal?

A: Slight pain after dental a check-up is not uncommon and should go away in a day or two, depending on the dental procedure you.. Read More →

Q: How much money do I need to save to cover my dental care when I retire?

A: We recommend saving up for insurance, rather than paying out-of-pocket. While routine dental checkups cost between $200 to $300, the cost rises to over.. Read More →

Q: Should I brush my dog’s teeth?

A: Taking care of your pet’s teeth may not be simple, but it’s the only way to prevent complications. Just like humans, dogs experience toothaches,.. Read More →

Q: Why does my toddler have an underbite?

A: Underbites, where the lower teeth protrude further than the upper teeth, are uncommon, affecting about 7 to 10% of people. Underbites may be caused.. Read More →

Q: Why do I keep getting canker sores?

A: Healthcare professionals don’t know the cause for recurring canker sores, though they think it’s inherited. Also called aphthous stomatitis or recurrent mouth ulcers, recurring.. Read More →

Q: Does gum disease cause Alzheimer’s disease?

A: Scientists say the link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease is significant, but it’s not clear yet why the conditions are linked. Although research.. Read More →

Q: What’s the safest way to soothe my teething baby?

A: The safest way to soothe your teething baby’s tender gums is with at-home remedies. Use homemade gum-soothing popsicles, cold cloths or gentle pressure applied.. Read More →

Q: What can I do to relieve TMJ-related jaw pain?

A: If your TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) pain is intense or has been going on for several years, check with your dentist who may refer.. Read More →

Q: How do I know if I have a cracked tooth?

A: Check for pain coming from a specific spot on one of your teeth, sensitivity when you bite or chew, and aches when you drink.. Read More →

Q: Are there apps to help with dental health care?

A: Several dental care apps are available for download: apps with educational and interactive augmented reality features for kids, quick dental reports, tooth brushing timers,.. Read More →

Q: Why does my baby keep poking out her tongue?

A: When babies are ready to drink from a bottle or breastfeed, they naturally stick out their tongues. Dental issues may be developing if your.. Read More →

Q: What’s the best alcohol-free mouthwash?

A: One alcohol-free mouthwash isn’t necessarily better than the other, it depends on what you prefer to use. When you’re shopping for alcohol-free mouthwash, look.. Read More →

Q: Why are some people born without wisdom teeth?

A: Seven million years ago, our human ancestors had molars twice the size of our modern-day molars. Two million years ago, our human ancestors’ molars.. Read More →

Q: Is it possible for shingles to spread to my mouth?

A: Shingles (also known as Herpes Zester) typically start on the left or right side of your torso, but it is possible for the virus.. Read More →

Q: My baby has a blister on her lip. What’s going on?

A: Blisters on your baby’s lip are normal and not uncommon. Rest assured, the blister is not painful for your baby. There aren’t any related.. Read More →

Q: Is it weird to keep my kid’s baby teeth?

A: You may wonder what to do with your kid’s teeth when they fall out, and it’s not unusual to hold onto them for a.. Read More →

Q: Does eco-friendly floss exist? Is it safe to use?

A: Bio-degradable dental flosses are growing in popularity. Certain companies have re-fillable flosses, plastic-free flosses, or beeswax-coated silk flosses. Right now, we can’t say how.. Read More →

Q: Are bamboo toothbrushes good for my teeth?

A: Bamboo toothbrushes handles are biodegradable, but some bristles aren’t. Horse or pig hair bristles are biodegradable but may be tough on your teeth, encouraging gumline.. Read More →

Q: Will my lip piercing cause dental problems?

A:  Unfortunately, lip, tongue, cheek and other mouth piercings come with their potential health risks. It’s in your best interest to talk to your dentist before.. Read More →

Q: Which dental fillings are the best?

A: Your dentist will recommend a certain type of filling based on a few considerations: dental health history, allergies, cost of treatment, tooth location, and repairs.. Read More →

Q: Does gum disease cause cancer?

A: Researchers aren’t sure about the links between gum disease and cancer, though one study of 48,000 men done at The Lancet Oncology showed men.. Read More →

Q: I hate the taste of toothpaste, haven’t brushed my teeth or visited the dentist in 5 years, and the side of my cheek hurts. Any advice?

Dislike for the taste of toothpaste is not uncommon. It’s possible you’re reacting to the mint-flavouring or to the SLS ingredient. Try a different flavour,.. Read More →

Q: I wear dentures and clean them regularly, so why do I still have bad breath? I also have red sores on the corners of my mouth.

A: You may have denture stomatitis, which is a type of yeast, thrush or fungus (candida) infection. Inflammation in your gums is one of the.. Read More →

Q: My dad is about 72 years old. His mouth is dry. He has a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. What’s going on?

A: Dryness, burning, and difficulty swallowing are typical symptoms of Xerostomia (also known as dry mouth). An estimated 20 – 30% of people over 70.. Read More →

Q: What’s the best toothpaste to whiten teeth?

A: There is a lot of whitening toothpaste out there with different ways they claim to whiten. Everyone’s preference is different, but to start, here’s.. Read More →

Q: Exposed roots, exceeded gum line, dental anxiety and no insurance. Any advice? [Full question in the post.]

Q: I am 38 and this past year, my gum line has receded a ton, and 4 top and the same 4 bottom teeth have.. Read More →

Q: My 4-year-old is still sucking her thumb. How do I help her stop?

A: Kicking the thumb-sucking habit is challenging but not impossible. The good news is any emerging dental problems created by thumb-sucking are reversible at her.. Read More →

Q: My retainer has white buildup on it. What is that?

A: The white layer is a buildup of calcium from your saliva. Plaque and tartar from your mouth stick to your retainer too if you’re.. Read More →

Q: Why is my tongue burning all the time?

A: Does it feel as though you’ve sipped scalding hot coffee? You may have burning mouth syndrome. There are several complex possible causes for your.. Read More →

Q: I have cracks in my tongue. Is that normal?

A: Cracks or grooves in the tongue are a characteristic of a fissured or geographic tongue. It’s also called migratory glossitis, scrotal tongue or wandering rash.. Read More →

Q: I’m in my 40s and I’ve never had a cavity. How did I do it?

A: Lucky you! Few people never get a cavity—an estimated less than 10%. Brushing, flossing, mouthwash, regular dental care, or reducing sugar intake could be what has kept you cavity.. Read More →

Q: I’m 15 and still have baby teeth left. Is this normal?

A: As you may know, kids typically lose their first baby tooth at 6 years old and the last at 12 years old. Having baby.. Read More →

Q: How do you know when you have a cavity?

A: At the end of the day finding cavities is something only your dentist can do. Tooth abnormalities could be a sign of a cavity.. Read More →

Q: Six days ago I had a molar pulled and they put a gel-like thing inside the hole. I was rinsing my mouth today and it came out… is that normal?

A: Sometimes a “gel foam” is placed after the extraction to assist in the healing. It’s good to have it checked to make sure everything.. Read More →

Q: How do I brush my teeth when I have braces?

A: Metal wires and brackets take some getting used to. With a little practice, you’ll be able to clean your teeth normally again. We recommend.. Read More →

Q: Is it okay to use floss picks, or should I use regular floss?

A: Floss picks can be effective if they are used properly. Replaceable floss picks are convenient in a few ways—they’re easier to hold and simpler to use.. Read More →

Q: Why does orange juice taste bad after I brush my teeth?

A: Our taste buds (the receptors found in the bumps on our tongue) react to compounds in foods, juices and other liquids. The compounds communicate.. Read More →

Q: Is it ever too late to get dental care?

A: It’s never too late to seek treatment for your dental problems, just like it’s never too late to visit your doctor for health concerns. In.. Read More →

Q: My front tooth is growing above my baby tooth, at the top of my mouth. The dentist called it “abnormal eruption.” What will the treatment be?

A: Your dentist will tell you what your options are after a dental exam. Treatment depends on what area of your mouth the abnormal eruption.. Read More →

Q: When I bite into an apple, my jaw feels tight. There’s also this weird clicking noise in my jaw. Do I have tetanus?

A: We’re sorry to hear about your discomfort. Eating should be a positive experience, not a painful one. Don’t hesitate to get expert advice on.. Read More →

Q: How dangerous are x-rays? Do I need one every time I go in for a dental check-up?

A: A scan each year is typically enough, but it depends on your dental health. Rest assured, dental X-rays produce low levels of radiation—safe enough.. Read More →

Helping Your Parent Adjust to Dentures

Q: My mom just got dentures, and she’s having trouble chewing. How can I help? A: There are lots of little ways you can help.. Read More →

Travelling Abroad: How to Prep for Your Oral Health

Q: I’m going on a 6-month trip abroad. Should I bring a toothbrush travel case? A: Travel toothbrush cases appear convenient and hygienic, but without.. Read More →

Mouthwash and Your Oral Health Rountine

Q: Should I use mouthwash every time I brush?  A: Contrary to popular belief, mouthwash is not a vital part of your oral health routine. Mouthwash.. Read More →

Teeth Grinding and Sleeping (Bruxism)

Q: How do I know if I’m grinding my teeth at night? A: Many people are surprised to hear they grind their teeth at night, some.. Read More →

Stained Teeth and Dental Crowns

Q: Is it true that crowns can be used to cover badly stained teeth? A: Crowns are most often associated with cracked or decayed teeth, but they.. Read More →

Sparkling Water and Oral Health

Q: Is sparkling water a healthier alternative than pop for my teeth? A: Carbonated water is a healthier alternative for your teeth, and overall health, than.. Read More →

Whitening Gum and Stained Teeth

Q: Will chewing whitening gum actually whiten my teeth? A: Though it doesn’t actually whiten your teeth, chewing whitening gum, or most sugarless gum, after eating.. Read More →

The Best Time of Day to Brush Your Teeth

Q: Do I have to brush our teeth right before going to bed or just twice a day? A: There is a bit of controversy around.. Read More →

Pregnancy: Tooth Staining and Dental Procedures

Q: Since becoming pregnant, my teeth have begun to discolour – is it safe to whiten my teeth while pregnant? A: There is no evidence that.. Read More →

Energy Drinks and Oral Health

Q: I’ve heard drinking energy drinks is bad for your teeth – is that true? A: Unfortunately, energy drinks do have a negative effect on your.. Read More →

Wisdom Teeth and Chewing

Q: I think my wisdom teeth are coming in and I constantly want to chew things with them. Is this normal? A: Wisdom teeth (third molars).. Read More →

Tongue Scraping and Oral Health

Q: I’ve heard people talk about tongue scraping – should I be scraping my tongue when I brush my teeth? A: Tongue scraping can be.. Read More →

Sedation Dentistry For Kids

Q: I have a seven-year-old that is very afraid of seeing the dentist and does everything to get out of going. I’ve heard of sedation.. Read More →

Brushing with Baking Soda

Q: I’ve heard that brushing with baking soda helps whiten teeth — is that true? A: Brushing with baking soda does technically whiten teeth by.. Read More →

Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual Brushing

Q: Is using an electric toothbrush more effective than manual brushing? A: Electric toothbrushes have been shown to be slightly better at cleaning teeth than.. Read More →

Water Flossing vs. Regular Flossing

Q: I hate flossing — can I skip it and use a water flosser instead? A: Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, work by using.. Read More →

Straws: Tooth Damage and Staining Prevention

Q: Does drinking beverages that are bad for my teeth like coffee and soda through a straw actually prevent damage and staining? A: This is a.. Read More →

Teaching Kids to Care for Their Teeth

Q: How can I teach my kids from a young age to take good care of their teeth? I have gum disease from years of.. Read More →

Plaque Build-Up, Tooth Decay and Chipping

Q: I was brushing my teeth and something chipped away from the base of my lower front teeth and left a sharp space that I.. Read More →

Best At-Home Whitening

Q: What’s the best at-home whitening option? A: It’s important to note that teeth whitening isn’t necessary — teeth naturally darken with age and accumulate surface.. Read More →

Your Dental Hygienist’s Job vs. Your Dentist’s Job

Q: Why doesn’t my dentist clean my teeth? A: While our Winnipeg dentists have the training to clean your teeth, your appointment is a team effort.. Read More →

The Teeth Cleaning Process

Q: What is happening when I get my teeth cleaned? Tools are going in and out of my mouth and I have no idea what.. Read More →

Toothache after getting a filling: Ask a Dentist Winnipeg

I have tooth pain after getting a filling for a cavity — what should I do? It is common to experience some pain or sensitivity.. Read More →

How to clean your mouth without a toothbrush: Ask a Dentist Winnipeg

When I stay over at someone’s house and don’t have access to a toothbrush, is there anything I can do to “brush” my teeth or.. Read More →

My partner has bad breath, how can I subtly help them freshen it up?

Fresh breath can often be a deal breaker. Telling someone they have bad breath can be difficult, because you do not want to hurt their.. Read More →

As I get older I feel like more of my teeth are showing (less gum). Is that normal?

Recession in your gums is normal as you grow older, however it is something you should pay close attention to and talk to your dentist about... Read More →

During the cold season (especially when I get a little under the weather) my body develops a lot of mucus in my mouth, nose and throat. Is that mucus bad for my oral health?

Mucus. Yuck, right? While the buildup of mucus in your mouth, nose and throat can be unpleasant and annoying, it is not necessarily bad for.. Read More →

Is using your teeth to open things (like a bag of chips) bad for them?

While it’s true that your teeth can be powerful tools when it comes to chewing food, there’s not much else they should be used for... Read More →

I haven’t been to the dentist in more than five years, if I book an appointment how should I prepare?

Relax. The most important thing for you to do is relax. At Dental Image Therapy Centres your comfort is our priority. That means that we’ll.. Read More →

Allergies or oral health concern: Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: Allergies or oral health concern? The roof of my mouth has been itchy – is there a rinse or wash I can use to make.. Read More →

Loose tooth in adult: Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: I have a loose tooth that’s been bothering me for a couple weeks – should I try to wiggle it out myself? A: Unlike when.. Read More →

New year’s resolution: Better Oral Health

Q: My New Year’s resolution is to take better care of my teeth, what can I do aside from brushing and flossing daily to improve.. Read More →

My daughter gets really scared to visit the dentist (she’s 5) – do you have any tips to help her calm down?

We’re often asked for our best tips to help keep your child calm when they come in for a check-up. It’s important for your child.. Read More →

Can activated charcoal whiten my teeth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

  Brushing your teeth with activated charcoal is one of the latest trends in beauty – why? Many people believe it can dramatically whiten your.. Read More →

Dental visits – How often should I visit the dentist.

Q: Dental visits: Why is it recommended to see a dentist every six months? A: Regularly scheduled dental visits allow your oral hygienist and dentist.. Read More →

Grinding at night – how can I tell?

Q: How can I tell if I’m grinding my teeth at night? A: Do you often wake up with a headache? You may be surprised.. Read More →

Sensitive teeth in the cold weather.

Q: The weather is a little colder this month and my sensitive teeth seem to hurt all the time – is there something I can.. Read More →

How do I prevent my child from having ‘hockey mouth’?

Q: My son is playing hockey this year – what’s the best way to protect his teeth from any damage on the ice? I don’t want.. Read More →

Should I brush my teeth after lunch?

Q: Should I brush my teeth after lunch?I have a co-worker who brushes her teeth after lunch. Is that something I should think about if I.. Read More →

Baby’s first visit to the dentist: Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Your baby’s first visit: Is it true that a new baby should visit the dentist, even if they don’t have teeth? Yes, absolutely. Your child.. Read More →

Halloween candy and teeth: Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

With it being just around the corner, I’m wondering how much Halloween candy I should let my child have each day to protect her teeth? In an.. Read More →

Your first visit – Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

I haven’t visited the dentist in quite a few years. What can I expect for a standard appointment? (Your first visit) Because you have not.. Read More →

Is Fluoride bad for you? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

A friend told me that when I visit the dentist I should say ‘no’ to the fluoride because it’s actually bad for you. Is that.. Read More →

I have a pretty significant overbite but it doesn’t hurt my teeth or jaw. Do I still need to worry about it?

I have a pretty significant overbite but it doesn’t hurt my teeth or jaw. Do I still need to worry about it? Even though you.. Read More →

If I start treatment now can I have white teeth by the holiday season? Zoom! Whitening in Winnipeg.

Yes, you absolutely can. Both of our Winnipeg dental clinics offer Philips Zoom! Whitening. In one 90-minute session your teeth can whiten up to eight.. Read More →

My teeth start to hurt when the weather gets a little cooler – is there something I can do to prevent that from happening?

Having teeth that are sensitive to cool weather is a pain, especially living in a place like Winnipeg! Luckily, there are ways to reduce the.. Read More →

Sometimes when I’m working out (specifically sit-ups) my jaw gets tight and ‘clicks.’ Is there something you can do to help me? (TMD pain management)

You’re not alone in this. It sounds like you may be experiencing TMD (temporomandibular disorder) and our team of Winnipeg dentists can help. TMD causes.. Read More →

How do I know the tools you’re using in my mouth are clean? Visit our Winnipeg dental offices.

We want to make your dentist appointment as comfortable as possible. Before you enter the office our team follows standard precautions to sterilize our instruments... Read More →

Does adding honey to my morning tea affect my teeth or gums at all? Visit us in St. Vital and Garden City.

Unfortunately, yes. The sweet honey you add to your morning tea does have the same effect on your teeth as regular sugar. They are both.. Read More →

How is Invisalign different than braces? I’m trying to decide which would work better for my teeth.

We are proud to offer Invisalign in Winnipeg to help our patients smile with confidence. There are a few main differences between Invisalign and braces... Read More →

My tooth hurts when I’m running. Is that normal?

Tooth pain when you run could actually be a number of things. Here are some of the most common: 1. Clenching your teeth. If the.. Read More →

If my child has canker sore on her tongue should I take her to see the dentist?

Although most canker sores will heal on their own after a couple of weeks, it is not a bad idea to have a persisting sore.. Read More →

Are pacifiers bad for babies’ teeth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: My mother told me I shouldn’t let my baby suck on his soother now that he has teeth, because it will make them grow.. Read More →

What are the signs of oral cancer? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: How does oral cancer start? Are there any signs I should be looking for? A: Oral cancer includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks,.. Read More →

How do allergies affect my teeth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: My allergies have acted up this year. Will the excess mucus have an affect on my teeth? A: Allergy season has definitely been prolonged.. Read More →

Why is sorbitol in my toothpaste? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: I noticed that Sorbitol is listed in my toothpaste’s ingredients. Isn’t that a kind of sugar? A: Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol made from.. Read More →

Does a small chip need to be fixed – Ask a Dentist

Q: I have a small chip on one of my teeth – is that something that needs to be fixed? A: Any time a tooth.. Read More →

I saw a Facebook post that says too many summer patio drinks can lead to tooth decay, how does that work?

Tooth decay is a common disease in North America, second only to the common cold. It can definitely be affected by sugary drinks (and the.. Read More →

The gums on my upper mouth have been so painful to floss, but no bleeding. My mom says I could just be sick, is that true?

It’s important to rule out serious issues before making assumptions, so we advise that you make an appointment as soon as you can for us.. Read More →

Does your oral health really affect your overall health?

Your entire body is connected, and that includes your mouth. So sometimes a disease or infection can start in your mouth and adversely affect your.. Read More →

I was thinking of getting my tongue pierced but heard it can have a bad affect on my oral health, is this true?

As dentists we do generally advise against an oral piercings, including the tongue, lips or cheeks. However, if you’re diligent in your cleaning practices you can.. Read More →

Can I brush my teeth with celery?

Q: Sometimes when I eat celery it feels like my teeth are cleaner – is there such thing as a natural toothbrush? A: We wouldn’t.. Read More →

What’s in my mouth? Ask a dentist.

Q: I have these small, smelly white things that come out of my mouth. Are they coming from my teeth or gums? How do I get.. Read More →

What is the process of getting a new dentist in Winnipeg?

Q: What is the process for getting a new dentist? A: If a dentist is accepting new patients all you need to do to is book.. Read More →

Toothpaste for my child? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: Is it safe for my child to use a toothpaste with fluoride? A: Although fluoride is very effective in fighting tooth decay, swallowing too much at.. Read More →

How are dental tools cleaned? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: Does my dentist use new tools every time? How do I know what’s being used is actually clean? A: We want to make your dentist appointment.. Read More →

My tooth hurts when I eat something frozen – Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: One of my teeth hurts for a couple of seconds when I drink or eat something frozen. Should I be concerned? A: You may.. Read More →

My gums bleed when I floss – Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: Is it normal if your gums bleed when you floss? I haven’t flossed in a few days and when I did today they started.. Read More →

Is it OK if I wiggle out a loose tooth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: I have a loose tooth and I think I can wiggle it out myself – is it ok to do that? A: If you are.. Read More →

Is drinking milk good for your teeth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: Is drinking milk good for your teeth? I know there’s a lot of calcium in milk. A: Yes!Drinking milk helps to make your teeth.. Read More →

When do your wisdom teeth come in? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: When do your wisdom teeth usually come in? Your wisdom teeth, which are the molars located at the very back of your mouth, usually.. Read More →

Q: I wake up with bad breath every morning, even though I brushed the night before. Is there a way for me to fix this? I usually cover up the stench with my morning coffee.

A: This issue is more common than you may think – and there are more permanent solutions than a cup of coffee. Regular brushing and flossing,.. Read More →

Q: I sometimes feel my jaw popping or locking, is this something my dentist can help with?

A: It sounds like you may be experiencing TMD (temporomandibular disorder). If so, your dentist can probably help you. TMD causes uncomfortable clicking and popping.. Read More →

Q: If my child has a sore tooth, when do I know it’s serious enough to take her to the dentist?

A: If your child has a sore tooth, especially one that keeps them awake at night with pain or interferes with chewing, we highly recommend you.. Read More →

Q: I heard that whitening toothpastes don’t do as good a job cleaning your teeth as regular toothpastes – is that true? (Ask a Dentist)

A: While these types of products are still cleaning your teeth, there is the possibility that they could lead to sensitivity issues or cavities. That’s because.. Read More →

Q: How often do I actually need to visit my dentist?

A: Generally we recommend that our patients come to see us twice a year (about every six months). Regular cleanings and checkups will allow us to.. Read More →

I’m a smoker – can I get rid of my stained teeth? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: I’ve been a smoker for the last 10 years and have developed a yellow tinge on my teeth. Is there a way to get rid.. Read More →

When do baby teeth start to fall out? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: When do baby teeth usually start falling out? A: Though there is no definite age for this to happen, most children will start losing their.. Read More →

What is gum disease? Ask A Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: What exactly is gum disease? A: Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a chronic infection that is most often caused by plaque buildup. Over time, the.. Read More →

Do I need to floss in the morning? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: Is it necessary to floss in the morning? When I’m in a hurry I usually just brush and feel ok. A: Flossing in the morning isn’t.. Read More →

Why do dentists take photos of my teeth? Ask A Winnipeg Dentist.

Q: My dentist recently took a photo of my teeth – why would they need a photo when I’ve already had x-rays done? A: A digital photograph,.. Read More →

Sensitive Teeth – Ask A Dentist

Q: I’ve noticed recently that when I eat ice cream (or something else cold) it hurts my teeth. Is there a way to reverse tooth sensitivity?.. Read More →

Awkward at the Dentist – Ask a Dentist

Q: I always feel awkward when my dental hygienist is looking in my mouth, I’m never sure what I should do. Do you have any tips?.. Read More →

A friend of mine told me that the foods I eat can cause tooth decay, is that true? Ask A Dentist.

Q: A friend of mine told me that the foods I eat can cause tooth decay, is that true? A: Tooth decay is a common disease.. Read More →

I seem to always have bad breath – is it something I’m eating or is there a problem with the way I brush and floss my teeth? Ask a Dentist.

Q: I seem to always have bad breath – is it something I’m eating or is there a problem with the way I brush and floss.. Read More →

Is it true that if one of my teeth gets knocked out it can be put back in? Ask a Dentist.

Q: Is it true that if one of my teeth gets knocked out it can be put back in? In certain situations – yes, if you.. Read More →

Those pink tablets – Ask a Dentist Winnipeg

Q: When I was a kid we had to chew on these pink tablets when we visited the dentist. Why did we do that? Those little.. Read More →

Adult braces or Invisalign – Ask A Dentist Winnipeg

Q: I’ve been thinking about straightening my teeth, but as an adult I feel kind of embarrassed. How long would I have to wear braces? A:.. Read More →

Is chewing food on one side bad for you? Ask a dentist

Q: I usually just chew food on the right side of my mouth. I don’t have any issues, but heard it can be bad for.. Read More →

How do I get that clean dentist feeling at home? Ask a Winnipeg Dentist

Q: Why do my teeth feel cleaner when my dental hygienist flosses them than when I do it at home? A: First of all, it’s.. Read More →

How do I keep my child’s teeth healthy? – Winnipeg Dentist in St. Vital and Garden City

Q: My child’s first teeth are starting to grow in and I’m wondering how to keep them healthy. I’ve heard that even milk (breast milk and.. Read More →

Q: At what age do I start brushing my child’s teeth?

A: As experienced dentists in Winnipeg, we recommend you start brushing your child’s teeth before he/she has teeth. Brushing your baby’s gums with a soft.. Read More →

Q: My tooth hurts, how do I manage the pain until my dentist appointment?

A: When you have an oral issue that requires medical attention, our dentists at Dental Image Therapy Centres, located at Garden City and St. Vital.. Read More →

Q: I am having my wisdom teeth removed, how long do I need to recover?

A: After getting your wisdom teeth extracted, you are likely to experience some pain and swelling. There may be some bleeding. Typical wisdom teeth recovery time is.. Read More →

Q: What causes my teeth to turn yellow?

A: There are many reasons for your teeth to turn yellow. As your dentist, I can assure you that yellowing teeth is not always a.. Read More →

Why do dentists tell you to floss every day if it’s not scientifically proven? Ask a dentist

Q: I read an article a while ago saying there’s no proof that flossing is good for your teeth, but all my life my dentist.. Read More →

Is there a way to whiten your teeth without a professional system? Are there natural ways to do it? Ask a dentist

Q: Is there a way to whiten your teeth without a professional system? Are there natural ways to do it? Ask a dentist A: While.. Read More →

Q: I’ve heard foods like apples and celery are good for your teeth, is that true? What makes them good for your teeth? Ask a dentist

Q: I’ve heard foods like apples and celery are good for your teeth, is that true? What makes them good for your teeth? Ask a.. Read More →

How does Zoom! Whitening work? Is it good for my teeth? Ask a dentist

Q: How does Zoom! Whitening work? Is it good for my teeth? A: Zoom! Whitening is available at both our St. Vital and Garden City.. Read More →

What’s the best way to cure sensitive teeth? Ask a Dentist.

Q: What’s the best way to cure sensitive teeth? Sometimes cold drinks hit a certain tooth the wrong way and it’s very uncomfortable. A: Tooth sensitivity.. Read More →

Do at-home whitening kits work? – Ask a Dentist

Q: Do at-home whitening kits work? What’s the best one? A: At-home whitening kits do have the ability to whiten your teeth – but it’s.. Read More →

I feel like flossing takes up so much time – Ask a Dentist

Q: I feel like flossing takes up so much time, is there a way to shorten the process? A: Keep in mind that flossing is.. Read More →

Is there such a thing as too much brushing? Ask a Dentist.

Q: Is there such a thing as too much brushing? A: Unfortunately there is such a thing as too much brushing and it can lead.. Read More →

Ask a Dentist: Should you brush right after you eat?

Q: A friend of mine told me that you shouldn’t brush your teeth right after you eat because it wears down your teeth, is this true?.. Read More →

How do I get my boyfriend to go to the dentist? Ask a Dentist.

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How does a healthy mouth help overall health? Ask a Dentist.

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Is it really a big deal if my gums bleed when I floss? Ask a Dentist.

Q: If my gums bleed a little when I floss, is it really a big deal? A: Bleeding gums can definitely be a cause of.. Read More →

How do I get rid of bad breath? Ask a Dentist.

Q: I brush and floss every day but still get bad breath. How do I get rid of it? A: The good news is, temporary.. Read More →

Do I have to get my teeth polished? Ask a Dentist.

Q:For me, the worst part of visiting the dentist is the gritty taste and texture of the polish. I dread it every time. Do I.. Read More →

Q:Why is it important not to eat or drink after a cleaning appointment?

A: It can be very tempting to grab a bite or a drink after a cleaning appointment; however, it is important to give the fluoride rinse.. Read More →

Q:I have a friend who brushes their tongue – does that help keep your mouth clean?

A: It might sound out of the ordinary, but brushing your tongue actually helps to improve the health of your mouth. The action of brushing from.. Read More →

Q:Does coffee actually stain my teeth?

A: Although you can’t see them, there are tiny cracks and holes that line your enamel. When darker drinks like coffee, tea and cola seep into.. Read More →

Q: If someone has been a smoker for decades and has badly stained teeth, is there a way to whiten their smile?

A: Aside from stained teeth, extended use of tobacco can have many negative effects on your oral health. This includes bad breath, increased risk of disease,.. Read More →

Q: Are certain foods better for my teeth?

A: A healthy diet affects the entire body, including your mouth! We recommend lots of fruits and vegetables – which can sometimes act as nature’s toothbrushes... Read More →

Q: I seem to build up plaque fast – how can I prevent that?

A: The best way to avoid buildup of plaque is to brush twice daily and floss before bed. Be thorough. We recommend brushing for two minutes.. Read More →

Q: Is it bad to chew with only one side of the mouth?

A: Over time, chewing on one side of the mouth can lead to strain, sensitivity and sometimes TMD (Temporomandibular disorders.)  This can result in jaw problems.. Read More →

Q:What is the best kind of toothbrush to use?

A: In most cases, the kind of toothbrush we send home with you every six months is ideal. That is one with soft bristles of varying.. Read More →

Q: How often should I go to see my dentist?

A: We (and the Canadian Dental Association) recommend that you come for a visit every six months for a cleaning and checkup. That usually gives.. Read More →

Q: Why do dentists say it’s important to floss everyday?

A: While brushing is great for cleaning the surfaces of teeth, flossing gets between the teeth and gums where plaque and tartar can build build.. Read More →

Q: What is the difference between Invisalign and braces?

A: Braces are typically metal or ceramic brackets placed directly on the teeth and connected with wires to help shift teeth into place. Invisalign is.. Read More →

Q: If I chip a tooth, when should I see my dentist?

A: As soon as possible! A chip in your tooth can lead to further damage, including infection and disease. If you chip a tooth, it’s.. Read More →

When should I take my child for his/her first dental exam?

A: In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday... Read More →